Jim Emery Photography Inventory Clearance!

Welcome to the 2014 Print Inventory Clearance!

On the following pages I have conveniently posted images of original, signed, matted prints I have sitting around in bins taking up valuable space in our little home. Please peruse the pics, select a few, and send me an email with the title of each. I'll email you a PayPal invoice and you can consider yourself the winner of the deal of the century. These prints make great gifts, can be hung in any room, and are even nicer in person than they appear on screen. At this point I'm simply trying to recoup my costs. If you are not local, there will be a shipping cost incurred, though it will still make the prints dirt cheap. Locals feel free to arrange some time to come over and pick through the bins.

Here's what a MATTED PRINT looks like

Click on the following links to take you to the pages of inventory in the various sizes:

8x10 matted: $3 ea. 2-for-$5

11x14 matted: $5 ea. 3-for $10

18x24 matted: $10 ea, 3-for $20

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